The sexy pornstar body

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My friends at Clapham escorts think that I have the perfect porn star body. To be honest, this is nothing that I have aimed for but I do enjoy looking after myself. Going to the gym and working out is one of my favorite hobbies, and I just love to feel good about myself. Of course, the gym is not the only place that you can work out. In order to stay fit and healthy, I do loads of different exercises and I think that really pays off. I cannot really say that I have one favorite exercise. Instead I get a real kick out of cross training.


If you do want to get fit, it is important to eat well. I know only too well how tempting it can be to have a dessert every day, but I always try to avoid that. Most of the girls here at Chiswick escorts of always seem to be into eating ice cream and stuff like that but I have to say that I limit my dessert to once a week. That does not mean I don’t like to cook. I love to cook, and I think that cooking from scratch is really good for you. As a matter of fact, my flat is full of cook books and I use them a lot.


It is also important to eat good quality food. Most people just go to the supermarket for their food, but I always make sure that I have plenty of time to shop for organic food online. First of all I think that organic food tastes a lot better, and I know that it is better for me as well. Most food that you buy in the supermarket is not that good for you, and that is why I prefer eating organic food. I find that organic food gives me tons of energy, and I feel really good about myself. A couple of the girls from Chiswick escorts have been around, and they always say how much better my food tastes.


Believe it or not, but my favorite exercise is walking. I do lift a lot of weights and stuff like in the gym, but I don’t do a lot of cardio there. The only cardio I really do in the gym is spinning, and I must admit that I am kind of addicted to spinning. A couple of the girls from Chiswick escorts like to join me for my spinning classes and I think that they are just as addicted to spinning as I am. I also love the fresh air, and I do spend a lot of time outside just walking. That combination of fresh air and moving is just completely heaven sent as far as I am concerned.


Do I have a porn star body? Well, I have checked out a couple of porn stars, and I think that my body is really hot when compared to them. Many of gents at Chiswick escorts compliment on my looks and that feels really good. It is easy to think that you don’t need to make any effort to look good, but you certainly do. I love making the effort and I love seeing the rewards. Every time I look at myself in the mirror, I know that I look good and I get a real kick out of that.

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