Things You Should Do after Sex

Many people are aware of what to do before having sex with their partners, but most of them don’t know exactly what you should do after sex. Some people like cuddling after sex, others like just sleeping, and some love talking and laughing. Here are some tips that you should practice with your partner that will enhance your physical and mental health:

  1. Pee after sex

Many women like peeing after having nice sex with their partner. This is highly encouraged as urinating reduces the risks of contracting a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections are more common to women than men because men urethra are longer and a further distance from the rectum. Doctors always encourage you to pee after sex, and this has greatly reduced the risks of UTI.

  1. Take a shower.

Sex is at times is a very messy affair. There is nothing disrespectful and annoying like avoiding cleaning the mess of sex up after you are done. Take time together to clean each other, and this will strengthen your relationship. As you take a bath together you can compliment each other and enjoy more intimate time together. Bathing will also help you relax your body and reduce some pains like virginal itching.

  1. Check for bleeding or pain signs

After sex, you know your body better, but that doesn’t mean you take it for granted, Look at your vagina and keep an eye on any pains or bleeding. According to doctors, you should see a doctor if you have abnormal bleeding or excessive discharge, which may be as a result of infection.

  1. Grab a snack.

We all know that sex is an exercise that burns a lot of calories and requires a lot of energy and increases the heartbeat. After having sex takes a snack with your partners like a chia seed or green tea. After that try cooking some simple meals together like the Ajjan and Omelette to have that great way bonding and communicate.

  1. Get enough.

Did your partner get enough of sex in the first round? Did you all have an organism, would you like more? If you want to be a sexual superstar, make sure that your partner knows that after sex is over for a little while, that you are ready or more and rock each other to maximum certification.

These are things you should do with your partner after sex and will enhance longer relationship. And if you two are really adventurous you can hire an escort from Eve Escorts to join in your sexual fun.

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